At the Department of Nuclear Medicine of LMU Munich, the purported radio-ligand treatment (RLT) with Lutetium-177 (Lu-177) checked PSMA enemies is offered for patients with metastasized prostate disease. The treatment is an individualized treatment . It is the use of a compelling, however not yet an affirmed, treatment for individual cases. It might be connected in patients with dynamic and generally untreatable infections. Anyway this individualized treatment has so far no demonstrated advantage in rigorosly controlled forthcoming examinations. Accordingly it varies from treatments which are demonstrated condition of the therapeutic craftsmanship in that dangers and reactions are not completely known. In the event of Lu-177 PSMA treatment, the logical discoveries to date show great outcomes with worthy reactions [1, 2]. The treatment is offered to patients with metastasized prostate malignancy, with illness movement in spite of hormone treatment or chemotherapy. As opposed to Xofigo treatment (Ra-223), patients with metastases outside the skeletal framework (for example delicate tissue or lymph hub metastases) can be dealt with. In cutting edge stages we offer on an individual premise additionally the likelihood of an Actinium-225 (AC-225) PSMA treatment.